Guided Sound Journey Meditations


Voice by Kevin James Karas
Music composed and recorded by SEER Music (Matthew DeRubertis)
Mastering by Spencer Martin

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Kevin James Karas

Matthew DeRubertis

About Us

Kevin James Karas

My mission is building communities who engage in a variety of mind-body-spirit practices to increase self-awareness, mastery and unity.  I manifest my mission by teaching cross-disciplinary continuing education courses, leading a 200 hour holistic yoga school & intentional living community, mentoring youth & co-directing Elevate Akron Yoga Festival! I believe my mission helps people to live more meaningful and growth-filled lives for all our relations: self-interpersonal-community-earth-cosmos.

I teach at yoga studios, community centers, churches, universities, conferences and festivals around music, yoga and consciousness. Homebase is Akron, OH with on-going classes at Yoga Squared, The JCC Shaw, The House of Big Intentions, Zen Space, Dance Your Soul, Unity of Medina Youth Ministry & The University of Akron.

SEER Music

(Matthew DeRubertis)

SEER Music is an invitation to go within and explore your inner world, born out of a deep inward experience. With my creative offerings, I intend to provide an open pathway through music for the listener to experience a deeper connection with themselves. 

I am living a nomadic lifestyle, based out of my van, as a performer, recording artist, bass guitarist, music teacher, and yoga & meditation instructor. I receive great joy in sharing my journey with others through teaching and performing in many different settings… from big outdoor stages to intimate yoga studios! Music and yoga continue to be amazing vehicles of growth and transformation for me. My music, videos, and all mindfulness content can be found on my youtube channelwebsite, and all streaming services

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